So how does it work if you don’t have a pony?

If you wanted to become a member of The Pony Club you needed a ‘suitable pony’, a trailer and a family of unpaid grooms willing to give up most of their free time to take you to rallies and events……………….GOOD NEWS things have changed. The Pony Club now have centre membership which means we provide the pony, the back up and organise the events.

So what do I do First?

Come and see us and we will fill in The Pony Club application form, you will need a cheque or card details to send your annual fee this goes to the pony club not to us. 

What does this buy me?

You get a one year membership which gives you riding insurance at all Pony Club training and events, it gives you access to the Pony Club website so you can get books, information and lots more at great prices, there is also Pony Prep online which is a learning resource great for those days when you cant come to the stables. All this will help you when working towards your progressive tests.

When do The Pony Club meet?

Every FRIDAY from 4.30 till 6pm we will have a rally, you will practice your riding and learn all the things covered by the Pony Club badges, you start with your E Test and then work your way up through the levels, badges can be earned by studying and practicing the skills ~ see the Pony club website for more information.

If you cant come on Fridays don’t worry we learn all the same topics during the school holiday clubs these run daily from 10am until 12.30 and 1pm until 3.30, where you will learn riding and horse care and if you wear your pony club sweater then the instructors will know you are working towards your next test and you will be encouraged to practice for this.

The session will cost £25 and there will be a charge of £10 to hire a pony if you don’t bring your own.

Pony club members are encouraged to take their progressive Tests, Riding Road Safety and gain experience in all aspects of horse care and riding, their hard work is rewarded with internationally recognised badges and qualification’s and can count towards professional qualifications in later life

Riders with their own ponies:

Pony Club have recently made changes to their rules so you can now join the Divoky Pony Club as members, if you already belong to another branch you may need the permission of your D.C. to train with us do check before coming along, we will make you feel very welcome whoever you compete for.

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